What Are the Best Mobile Phones Under 20000 in Nepal?

Choosing the best mobile phones under 20000 in Nepal can be difficult, as there are so many great options available to Nepalese consumers. Which one should you pick? Before you head to the shops and try them all out, it’s helpful to do your research ahead of time, so you know what the best mobile phones under 20000 are right now and what their key strengths and weaknesses are. In this article, we’ll tell you all about some of the top picks and help you decide which one is right for you!

10 Basic Tips Before Buying a Smartphone

There are a lot of different kinds of phones out there, with a wide variety of price points and features. To help you find what you’re looking for and determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth, take into account these 10 basic tips. If you have any other questions about how to choose a phone or how to use it once you get it, feel free to ask away! And if all else fails, remember that most carriers offer free trials (or month-long ones) so that you can try before you buy. Just make sure you do your research first; certain carrier plans will be more restrictive than others, particularly when it comes to data usage. A quick Google search should help you narrow down which providers fit your needs best. Once you decide on a plan, go ahead and order one online—it may even ship within 24 hours!

  1. Does my phone need to be unlocked? – Not necessarily – depending on where you purchase your device from. Most phones purchased directly from a carrier will come locked, but if you buy it through a third-party vendor, like Amazon or eBay, it may not be. This can affect whether or not it works with other carriers (like Verizon and AT&T) as well as if it’s compatible with international SIM cards. It’s best to check with your provider before purchasing an unlocked phone just in case!
  2. How do I know what size screen I want? – Screen sizes are measured diagonally, so a 4 phone has a diagonal measurement of about 3.5, while a 5 phone is about 4.5 across, and so on. The general rule of thumb is that bigger phones are better for watching videos and using apps, but smaller phones are easier to carry around with you everywhere you go! Try out different sizes at your local carrier store or electronics store to see which one feels best for you before purchasing online! 3. What’s an octa-core processor? – An octa-core processor contains eight cores, each working independently from one other. This means it can handle more things at once than a quadcore (four cores) or dual-core (two cores) chip, making it faster and more efficient overall. It also makes multi-tasking a breeze! You won’t notice much of a difference between an octa-core and hexacore processor, however; most newer phones come with either one or two hexacore.
  3. What does RAM mean? – RAM stands for Random Access Memory and refers to how much space your device has to temporarily store information like open apps, documents you’re working on, etc. The more RAM a phone has, the better it will perform when multi-tasking or running memory-intensive applications. Most newer phones come with 2GB of RAM or more; if you’re looking at older models, however, 1GB is probably as high as you should go! 5. How do I know what kind of processor my phone has? – Processor speeds are measured in gigahertz (GHz), which indicates how many billions of calculations per second your phone can make. For example, a 1 GHz chip can make one billion calculations per second, while a 2 GHz chip can make two billion calculations per second. While higher numbers are generally better, you don’t need to be concerned about speed unless you plan on doing some very intensive gaming or video editing (or both). 6. Is there anything special I should look out for when buying an Android? – There are two main types of Android devices: those that run Google’s operating system stock, and those that have been customized by their manufacturer (known as skinned devices). Stock Android devices receive updates directly from Google first, whereas skins may get them later or not at all. If you want to be sure you get updates right away, stick with stock Android! 7. Can I use any SIM card in any unlocked phone? – Not necessarily. It depends on whether or not your phone is compatible with GSM networks (most major carriers) or CDMA networks (like Verizon and Sprint). Before purchasing an unlocked phone, check its specifications to see if it supports either network type so you can ensure compatibility! 8. What does LTE stand for? – LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which means it uses a different technology than 3G or HSPA+ to transmit data faster over cellular networks. You won’t notice much of a difference between 3G and LTE unless you’re using your phone to stream videos or download large files—but having an LTE connection certainly doesn’t hurt! 9. Does my carrier support Wi-Fi calling? – Wi-Fi calling allows you to make calls through Wi-Fi instead of your cellular network. This is useful if you find yourself in areas where cell service isn’t great but Wi-Fi is strong, such as your home or office. Check with your carrier to see if they offer Wi-Fi calling before purchasing a new phone! 10. Should I buy refurbished or used? – Refurbished phones are usually returned units that have been fixed up and tested by manufacturers before being sold again.

A Definitive List of The 10 Best Smartphones Under 20,000 NPR

September 5, 2017 by Pranjal Baidya. The smartphone market is getting very competitive with a number of OEMs coming up with affordable handsets that deliver premium features. If you’re looking for a good budget smartphone, chances are you might want to get one under 15000 as well. However, there are a number of excellent smartphones out there that can be purchased for under 20000 in Nepal that are worth considering over these ones. These phones not only offer great value but also have powerful hardware and software specifications that make them perfect for everyday use. In fact, they come close to flagship devices from companies like Samsung and Apple when it comes to performance while costing much less. So if you’re planning on buying a new smartphone soon and don’t want to spend more than 20k on it, here are some of your best options 1. Lenovo K8 Plus 2. Honor 9 Lite 3. Realme 1 4. Nokia 6 (2018) 5. Moto G5S Plus 6. Redmi Note 5 Pro 7…. 8. OPPO F7 9. Mi A1 10. Asus Zenfone Max M2 11. Vivo Y81 12. Coolpad Cool Play 6 13. Infinix Zero 5 Pro 14. Honor 7X 15. Asus Zenfone Max M2 16…. 17. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 18…. 19.

Reviews for The 10 Best Smartphones Under 20,000 NPR

Smartphones are becoming a requirement to live as a student or employee in today’s society. But smartphones aren’t just phones anymore; they have become our media centers, wallets, cameras, and much more. For those looking for great features with a reasonable price tag, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here is a list of the 10 best smartphones under 20,000 NPR. (Prices mentioned below are approximations.)…

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Sony Xperia Z5: Sony has been doing really well lately in producing quality devices that stand out amongst other devices in their respective categories. The latest addition to their Xperia lineup is none other than the Sony Xperia Z5 – which boasts impressive specifications along with some nifty new camera tricks up its sleeve. Here are three reasons why you should buy a Sony Xperia Z5….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: If you’re looking for a phone that offers all of the features and performance of a flagship device, but doesn’t want to spend upwards of $700 on it, then look no further than Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It has everything that made its predecessor so great, plus some new goodies are thrown into the mix. Here are three reasons why you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy The OnePlus 2: In an age where most smartphones cost well over $600 off-contract, it can be hard to find one with decent specs at an affordable price point. However, there is a new kid on the block that has come to change all of that – and his name is OnePlus….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Motorola Moto X Pure Edition: If you’re looking for a smartphone that offers great performance and features at a reasonable price point, then look no further than Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition. It comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a flagship device, but without all of those pesky contract requirements….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy The HTC One M9+: HTC has been on something of an upswing lately – they’ve produced some pretty impressive devices over their last few releases. The latest addition to their lineup is none other than their new flagship device – HTC One M9+. Here are three reasons why you should buy an HTC One M9+…. 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A OnePlus X: When it comes to smartphones, there are plenty of options out there from you can choose from. However, not all of them offer what you want at a price that won’t break your bank account. That’s where OnePlus comes into play….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy An iPhone 6S Plus: Apple may be known for producing expensive products, but their newest release – iPhone 6S Plus – proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an amazing smartphone experience. Here are three reasons why you should buy an iPhone 6S Plus….

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Nexus 5X: If you’re looking for a high-end Android device without having to break your bank account, then look no further than Google’s new Nexus 5X. It has everything that made its predecessor so great, plus some new goodies are thrown into the mix…. 

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy The Moto G: Motorola may not be known for producing flagship devices, but they have been producing some pretty solid mid-range smartphones over their last few releases.

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