BMW R18 Concept: All You Need to Know

The new BMW R18 concept has just been revealed by the German auto manufacturer, and it’s so eye-catching that some people have actually mistaken it for the BMW i8. The design of the car is quite different than what we are used to seeing from BMW, but it does have many similarities with the i8. For instance, both cars feature similar headlights and taillights, as well as similar lines and curves along their bodies and sides. In addition to being purely aesthetic, however, these details actually serve a purpose, which will be discussed later in this article.

What’s the Big Deal in BMW R18 Concept?

The BMW R18 concept is a big deal because it’s a preview of the company’s first ever production boxer twin cruiser. It’s also a big deal because it looks awesome, and it’s packed with features that are sure to appeal to cruiser riders. Plus, it’s got a lot of potential as a platform for customizers. Here’s everything you need to know about the BMW R18 concept. An engine in both ends? Yes, please!
The BMW R18 has an asymmetrical design, with the intake at one end and exhaust at the other. That’s because there are two engines- one at each end- but only one set of pipes leading out of each side. The pipes exit underneath where the rider would normally sit on most bikes (though not all), just behind where your feet go on this particular bike.

Why does it matter?

The BMW R18 concept is a bike that looks like it came straight out of a dystopian future. It’s all black, with sharp angles and a menacing stance. But beyond its looks, the bike has some impressive specs that make it worth paying attention to. For starters, it’s powered by a boxer engine that produces 91 horsepower and 119 lb-ft of torque. That might not sound like much, but the bike only weighs 449 pounds, so it should be plenty fast. Plus, this isn’t just your average motorcycle – this baby also has a full suite of driver aids including ABS, traction control, and ride-by-wire throttle control.
There are many things that set this bike apart from the rest.
First off, it features three rider modes—Rain/Road/Race—and two handlebar positions for quick changes in steering geometry.

When is the release date of BMW R18 Concept?

The release date for the BMW R18 concept is still unknown, but we do know that it was first unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2022. This motorcycle is a modern take on the classic boxer engine, and it’s sure to turn heads when it finally hits the market. With its retro-inspired design and powerful engine, the BMW R18 is sure to be a hit with motorcycle enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll get tons of compliments from your fellow bikers! If you’re looking for an excellent way to spend your summer days, this bike will make all of your dreams come true.

What are features of BMW R18 Concept?

The BMW R18 concept is a cruiser motorcycle with a boxer engine. It has a retro design with modern features and technology. Some of its key features include a 1802cc boxer engine, shaft drive, and ABS brakes. It also has a 6-speed gearbox and an aluminum frame. The BMW R18 concept is a bike that combines the best of both worlds – modern technology with a classic design.

How much will it cost?

The BMW R18 concept will cost you a cool $5,000. But don’t let that price tag fool you, this bike is packed with features that make it worth every penny. For starters, the R18 has a massive 18-liter engine that produces an incredible amount of power. Plus, it comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end bike, like ABS brakes and traction control.

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