Disposable Vape Kits UK:  The Eco-Friendly Alternative for Vapers   

nicotine disposable vapes

Since the vaping industry continues to evolve, people must keep up with the recent trends. Disposable vape kits UK are the latest trend in vaping, and it has also become popular.

These are also called puff bars; they come ready to vape straight from the packaging. Why? Because they come pre-charged, as well as prefilled, with flavoursome liquids. It means you do not need to charge or fill your disposable vape before it becomes ready. The manufacturer has done it for you.

The disposable vape is slim, sleek and lightweight. They are no bigger than a pen, so you can easily carry them around. Additionally, you can discard it after use, and the liquid has been used up.

Disposable Vape Kits UK are Eco-Friendly

It means they are friendly to the environment. Once you’re done vaping and using all the contents, you can get rid of it by throwing it out of your household waste bin. There should be no plastic bottles annoyingly stacked up in landfills.   

These kits are ideal for vapers who do not want the hassle of cleaning their devices or those who do not want to deal with filthy coils.

You can expect a 2% or 20mg nicotine content with most nicotine disposable vapes.

Disposable Vape Kits UK are Simple to Use.

They do not have fancy buttons and confusing settings that can make it difficult for those new to vaping. Disposable vapes are quite like smoking cigarettes, but you will not be exposed to the same risks as smoking cigarettes. So what you do is put the prefilled cartridge into the pen-like gadget. Heat it by pressing a button. You can already inhale through the mouthpiece and exhale through your nose.

These vapes’ sleek design and portability make them a favourite of all times. You can enjoy vaping while your hands can unwind due to the ergonomic style that makes them high in quality than other designs of traditional vape pens. The compact design can easily fit them in anyone’s pocket or handbag.

Disposable vape kits in the UK are affordable and the most cost-conscious options you can ever find in the market. And they are convenient. These are ideal choices for nights out or if you want to drop the habit while still satisfying their cravings without having to fiddle around.

These vapes are better at helping individuals who want to quit smoking. They prefer these disposables to nicotine patches because they give a feeling of holding a device in their hands like smoking cigarettes – they take a draw and exhale a cloud-like substance.

Disposable vapes have a range of e-liquids with flavours such as the sweet and juice taste of strawberry or a refreshing and tangy throat hit of pink Lemonade. Many other flavours are available; you must pick what you like.

Regarding health, studies have proven that vaping is safer than smoking by 95%. In the UK, the vaping industry is regulated. All new vaping products must be checked and approved before being sold legally.

Ichorliquid.co.uk is a legitimate vendor of disposable vapes and other vaping products, having the approval of the UK authorities before we put them on sale.  

Contact us if you want more information about the regulations or if you want to purchase disposable vape kits at the correct capacities (which should not be higher than 20mg). We await your call and will be delighted to speak with you regarding our vaping products. Our customer care staff know how to handle customer queries efficiently. We employ only an experienced team and ensure that they work to the satisfaction of our clients. No Tom, Dick or Harry can think of getting employed with Ichorliquid, unless they are excellent at their job.