Importance Of Vedic Maths For Brain Development

Vedic Maths is the ancient Indian system of mathematical skills developed using 16-word equations and a few sub-formulae in 1957. It allows speedy calculations and makes solving complex equations quite easy. This helps save students time and effort, especially in competitive exams where the time is limited.  Hands-on skills in Vedic Maths help ease the complexity of reasoning issues and allow pupils to solve more questions in a shorter time. Not only this, but it boosts focus, concentration, and logical thinking.

When it comes to brain development, Vedic Maths directly involves all three primary brain lobes for problem-solving and the handling of data, numbers, and information. The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for working memory and recalling numerical knowledge previously learned, whereas the parietal lobe handles the computation and number processing.

Some benefits of Vedic Mathematics for overall brain development in children include:

Accuracy and Speed

Maths problems often require a lot of time and effort to answer correctly, but Vedic Maths can reduce the time limit by simplifying the problem. By solving problems mentally and step by step, one can improve speed and accuracy along with reducing the risk of errors. Vedic Maths involves the use of sutras to improve speed, accuracy, and results. 

Easy to Use and Simplified

Compared to regular maths formulas, Vedic Maths is simple to learn and use. The 16 sutras allow performing multiple math functions in a single-step approach and facilitate learning and memorization. 

Boosts Brain Development

When it comes to brain development, Vedic Maths can greatly help improve one’s general IQ. With a focus on mental and logical thinking, it makes arithmetic learning an interesting task. To succeed in mathematics, boost the development of brain muscles, and improve concentration, abstract and concrete reasoning in Vedic Math plays a significant role.

Fosters Creativity

Vedic Maths allows students to showcase their creativity with a focus on pattern recognition and logical thinking. With simple calculations and sutras, there are some ways you can find the answer to a reasoning equation or maths problem. It sparks creativity and motivates students to solve complex problems creatively.

Improves Focus & Concentration

Compared to pen and paper calculations, Vedic Maths is all about mental calculations performed step by step in the mind. Till the students reach the final answer, they keep the answers at every step in their minds which improves their memory and concentration. 


Vedic Maths plays a significant role in improving the logical thinking and mental calculation ability of students. With the ever-evolving reasoning syllabi introduced in schools, students can greatly excel in academics by learning Vedic Maths. If you are looking for Vedic Maths classes in Mohali or want to enroll in Olympic classes, BrainEx Education is your ultimate choice. We have a team of qualified instructors ready to help your child excel academically.