OnePlus Nord N20 SE Makes an Appearance – Here’s What We Know

OnePlus has been launching smartphones at an extremely rapid pace lately, with several new devices being released within the past year. One of their newest offerings, the OnePlus Nord N20 SE, has just appeared on GFXBench with some basic specs detailed in the process. So what exactly do we know about this upcoming OnePlus device? Let’s find out!

Why is this device so mysterious?
This might be one of OnePlus’ most unusual devices yet. So far, we know that it has been certified by both TENAA and NCC (Taiwan’s equivalent to TENAA). It also sports two cameras on its backside, suggesting that it could be a higher-end device. Is it a new phone entirely or maybe just a limited edition variant of another device? Only time will tell.

The Story Behind the Brand Name
OnePlus was first introduced by Pete Lau (CEO of OnePlus) during a Reddit AMA in 2014. This is how he explained it: We wanted to give our fans a chance to get to know us, and I told them we’d do exactly that if they managed to come up with a name that didn’t suck.

What do we know about the specs?
A new device dubbed Nord N20 SE is making its way through Chinese certification. The specs of this device are a big mystery as we’re not sure if it will be a newer version of any existing OnePlus models, or even if it will be sold under that brand. For now, here’s what we know about Nord N20 SE

How much will it cost?
Nothing has been announced yet, but it’s likely to cost slightly more than its predecessor. After all, it is much newer and faster—and does have a new name. Might there be something in the works for Android O?: Yes! The company confirmed that they’re working on the next iteration of their software and that it’ll be available as soon as possible.
Stay tuned!: For now, you can pre-order the OnePlus 6 with 128GB of storage at Best Buy for $529, or order one from OnePlus’ website for $529 if you want to pay in full.

Is there any information on accessories such as cases or earphones that could be used with this device?
The OnePlus 7 Series is expected to have support for wireless charging. There will be no 3.5mm headphone jack on any of these devices, as has been confirmed multiple times by various sources. However, earphones and possibly even accessories that can be used with a device should still connect through USB-C or Bluetooth. It is also likely that all these devices will have some kind of IP certification, but we don’t know whether they’ll feature glass backs like previous models or not yet.

Is it really as powerful as they say?
Some reports say that it is, but others claim it’s no more powerful than any of OnePlus’ other devices. Without trying one for ourselves, we can’t say with absolute certainty whether or not that’s true. Our best guess? The problem lies in benchmarks—the high-quality tests used to gauge a phone’s power—which are optimized for specific Android phones.

When can we expect a release date?
The phone is currently only available in China and India. Rumors say it will be releasing to Europe and North America in mid-2022, but no official date has been announced as of yet. I’d keep my eyes peeled around June 2022, when OnePlus typically releases its latest smartphones. OnePlus phones are all about high performance for a low price, so don’t expect to pay over $500 for one of these bad boys.

Can this compete with other flagship devices in 2022?
This is another question for which we can’t answer yet. All we know for sure is that OnePlus has a history of releasing great devices, and it’s pretty safe to assume they will continue to do so. Whether their flagship device can compete with other top smartphones in 2022 remains to be seen. Right now, though, you can expect there to be fierce competition among Android manufacturers for a few years at least. And that’s not even considering new entrants from Apple or Microsoft.

Where will you be able to buy the OnePlus Nord N20 SE?
Oneplus has confirmed that there will be two variants of the device available, a European variant that will launch in November, and another US variant scheduled for December. The only other thing we know is that all models of OnePlus’ Nord device, including any future variants, will run their new in-house operating system called Yggdrasil. It remains to be seen how Yggdrasil stacks up against Android and if it can compete with Apple’s iOS platform.

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