10 Best Gaming Monitor Under 10000

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 10000 in India, then you have come to the right place. I have reviewed 10 of the best gaming monitors that you can buy online for less than 10,000 Rs. Enjoy!

If you are a gamer, then it’s quite obvious that you won’t want to be playing on some low-quality gaming monitor. Gaming monitors come with high refresh rates, high resolutions, and low input lag that make your gaming experience much better than before. And if you are looking to buy one but don’t know which one to get, we have got you covered with this list of the 10 best gaming monitor under 10000 Rs. Read along!

1) Dell S2240L
The Dell S2240L is one of those jack of all trades types. It’s inexpensive and offers a range of options for both work and play. It has an LED backlit screen (in case you want to watch some movies on your monitor) as well as HDMI connectivity (for hooking up your gaming console). While its $109 price tag may seem too good to be true—it also comes with a handful of flaws—which we will get into shortly.

2) BenQ ZOWIE RL2455
The BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 costs under Rs.10,000 and has a refresh rate of 240Hz which is perfect for competitive gaming. It’s equipped with a 24-inch Full HD display panel with 1ms response time that allows players to experience lag-free visuals. The monitor is also VESA mount compatible and comes with various ergonomic adjustments for customizing viewing angles and height.

3) MSI Optix MAG241C
The MAG241C is one of MSI’s newest gaming monitors. It has a TN panel and supports FreeSync 2. However, while it may not have an IPS panel or support HDR, it is still among our favorites when it comes to budget-oriented gaming monitors. The screen has good color accuracy and brightness levels are decent as well.

4) Lenovo Y27g
When you’re buying a gaming monitor, your top concern is clarity. Whether it’s first-person shooters or racing games, you need to see every pixel in great detail. And while most monitors today are pretty clear and high-resolution, there are some models that offer better contrast and brightness. The Lenovo Y27g is one such model that not only enhances your gaming experience but also adds style to your room.

5) Acer K242HL
The Acer K242HL is a 24-inch LED monitor with 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution. It uses a 16:9 aspect ratio and has a 60 Hz refresh rate. The maximum brightness output is 250 cd/m2 and its maximum contrast ratio is 1000:1. The response time is 5 ms which may feel too slow for some but others might not notice any issue at all. Overall, it’s an excellent gaming monitor that comes with everything you need from HDMI inputs to built-in speakers.

6) HP v193cl x2
This cost-effective monitor from HP is a great choice for new and casual gamers alike. It comes with AMD FreeSync technology, which helps to minimize stuttering by allowing your computer’s GPU to sync up its frame rate with that of your monitor’s refresh rate (for smoother gameplay). Also features support for 1ms input latency and a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz. Plus, it sports three HDMI ports so you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

7) ViewSonic VX2453mh
If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that is affordable and efficient, then look no further than ViewSonic VX2453mh. This is one of the best cheap monitors in India with excellent features and performance. It has an elegant design and vibrant colors that give you a thrilling visual experience while gaming or watching movies. The response time of 2ms makes sure there is no lag during high-intensity games like shooting games, racing games etc.

The above gaming monitors do come in different budget ranges and resolutions. The prices may vary based on their features and performance. Some of them are designed especially for gamers while others have complete flexibility to use as a high-end home or professional monitor.

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