Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera

The 3 Point Slinger for Camera has been used by militaries and hunters around the world, especially in the United States, since the Vietnam War era. 3-point slings are commonly used by both military and law enforcement agencies because they can be rapidly attached and detached from a weapon with little effort; this makes them ideal for tactical situations. Civilian users enjoy 3-point slings because they provide support to the shooter’s arm, greatly reducing the effect of recoil on accuracy when firing weapons such as shotguns and rifles that are chambered in higher calibers like 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .308 Winchester.

What Is A 3 point slinger for camera?

The 3 point slinger is a smart invention to make carrying a camera more comfortable. It consists of a sling strap that goes over your neck, and loops around both your shoulders and waist. The 3 point sling makes it easier to carry your camera by distributing its weight across your body instead of just on one shoulder like most neck straps do.

Why Use A 3 point slinger for camera?

The benefits of a tripod are obvious, but they’re cumbersome to carry around and heavy. Weighing between 1.5 and 6 pounds, tripods can make transporting your camera a chore. When you don’t want to drag along a 10-pound setup, consider using a third-party slinger with your camera instead. A sling rig is lightweight, easily transportable, and offers many of the same benefits as an expensive tripod—at less than half price.

How To Adjust A 3 point slinger ?

Adjust your sling to suit you. There are two ways to adjust your sling: lengthening and shortening. To make it longer, take out some of your strap; if you want it shorter, add in some more strap. You don’t have to use as much as I do though… I like my rig long so that I can rest it on my back between shots or lean on it if need be.

Benefits of using 3 point slinger for camera

One of top and best uses of a sling bag is to mount your DSLR camera with lens. For photographers who are moving around during photo shoots, a sling bag will be a great gear to have. Using a sling bag you can easily walk around while having access to your camera anytime. You can keep it attached on one arm or use your other hand to take pictures without worrying that it will fall out of hands or head off somewhere.

Consider these things while purchasing 3 point slinger for camera

comfort, durability and ease of use. Most of you may think that a sling camera bag is not essential accessory, but it’s actually one of those things which make your photography life easy and comfortable. A good quality sling camera bag can really help you to carry your camera easily in busy market place or during a mountain climbing when you don’t want to put pressure on yourself. So it is better to consider some points before buying a sling camera bag.

What kind of 3 point slinger for camera are available

Lots of manufacturers are making different kinds of slings that would fit your camera. The most commonly used are chest and back mounted ones, but you can also choose from different kinds of strap style, buckle type and more. All of these things make a difference in how you carry around your camera, so it’s important to consider these factors. Here is a list of some recommended three point slingers for cameras Backpack Slings: If you like to keep all your stuff organized and on one place, backpack slings are perfect for you. You wear them as regular backpacks and they come with plenty of space where you can store your equipment without worrying about them falling out while moving around. They usually have straps going over both shoulders so they distribute weight evenly across your body and don’t cause any discomfort even if worn for extended periods of time.


At B&H, we know slingers. And in all honesty, our selection of slings is so diverse and broad, it’s hard to choose a best sling for any one specific camera. But that doesn’t mean we can’t recommend a general purpose sling (not to be confused with a specific sling) that will work well with virtually any camera you can think of.

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