Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven

coast guard festival in grand haven Join us in celebrating the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard! This year marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard, which we’ll celebrate with family-friendly festivities, exciting races and much more! We look forward to sharing our passion for sailing with you on October 7-8 at the Port City Marina in Grand Haven, Michigan!

The CG Auxiliary
The Coast Guard Auxiliary provides volunteer search-and-rescue services on local lakes, rivers, coastal areas and oceans. The CG Auxiliary was formed in 1939 by then–Commandant Adm. Russell R. Waesche with a purpose to help promote a better understanding between our military forces afloat and citizens ashore through public service activities. Today, CG Auxiliary volunteers continue to assist at Coast Guard stations throughout most of our nation’s waterways during Search & Rescue cases.

Coast Guard vs. Navy Football Game
This year, I’m attending my first college football game! I couldn’t be more excited about it. If you don’t know much about football (not to worry—my friends kept saying it was like rugby but with pads), here are a few details: This year, West Point is playing against Army at Michie Stadium in West Point. The game starts at 3 p.m., and will conclude when the winner has scored ten points by crossing the opponent’s goal line or kicking the ball through the uprights on an extra point kick from within five yards of either side’s goal line. One thing that amazes me about this sport is how many players there are on each team! There can be up to 100 players on one team alone, all trying their best to score goals for their team while preventing the other team from scoring theirs.

The Parade
The weekend kicks off on Friday with a parade through downtown Grand Haven. Those who attend will be treated to an appearance by The U.S. Coast Guard Silent Drill Team, as well as marching bands from across West Michigan. And—it’s free! Just remember to bring your American flag so you can wave it proudly throughout all festivities! If you are not able to make the Parade, be sure to visit us at Point Betsie Lighthouse for our annual reenactment ceremony (11 am-4 pm). We invite guests to see first-hand the sacrifices that these brave men and women have made for their country.

The Kids Zone
Don’t miss a thing! From helping kids learn to read, to teaching them about marine mammals, there’s plenty for families to enjoy at Coast Guard Festival. Whether you have young children or teenagers, there are fun activities for all ages. The Kids Zone is located near Lincoln Street and Kalamazoo Avenue, under a shaded pavilion next to Inland Seas Maritime Museum. It includes six different activities, each one with its own mini-poster detailing what the activity entails. Families can build boats out of cardboard boxes, learn how to make pizzas from scratch (with gluten-free dough!), or make a craft project from old magazines and toilet paper rolls. Each activity has its own time limit, so parents can take their time picking which one they want their child to participate in.

The Beer Tent
The festival beer tent has plenty of room for patrons to drink their favorite brew while they enjoy entertainment provided by a well-known local band. The beer tents are always a popular attraction, so don’t be surprised if you have to elbow your way inside just to get a good look at what’s happening on stage. The food court is a great place to grab a quick meal from one of the vendors. If you’re looking for something fancier, the Grand Plaza Restaurant is the perfect place to go; this restaurant is located right next door to the festival grounds and serves up some delicious entrees that will fill up any hungry soul.
For those who want something more than food or drinks, there’s also an arts & crafts marketplace that’s open all day long.

The Concert
The coast guard festival in grand haven is a great family event for both adults and children. The main attraction at any coast guard festival are the concert put on by our coast guard men and women. These concerts show just how talented our military really is. All you need to do is get tickets before they sell out, sit back, relax, watch some amazing music being performed by some talented individuals, enjoy your time with your family/friends (if you come with one) and have a great time! It’s truly an unforgettable experience that will always be engraved in your memory as well as mine.
What makes this even more memorable is that all proceeds from this concert go towards supporting our U.S Coast Guard which helps make these events possible every year. It’s also a chance to support those who are currently serving or have served in the past and their families as well as many other veterans organizations through charitable donations made during this event.

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